Boarding / Bathing

We are proud to offer the largest boarding facility in the area. All of our boarding spaces are completely indoor and climate controlled. We have a several options to fit any pet's size and needs, including spacious runs and private condominiums equipped with televisions. There is an enclosed outdoor play area so pets can run and play freely in a safe environment. Our kennel is staffed with full-time attendants who take great care in ensuring all animals are happy, healthy, and comfortable.

While we do not have a groomer on-site, we do offer baths. This includes shampoo and conditioning treatments, nail trims, ear cleaning, brush-outs, and blow drying. We schedule baths during the week to allow adequate drying time. Please give us a call and our receptionists will be happy to help.

Please feel free to contact Prairieville Animal Hospital with any questions or comments.